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Tracking intercontinental sea-freight flows with Michelin

Visibility of Every Shipping Container With Groupe PSA

Revolutionize Your Supply Chain

Enter your details to see how we can make small changes to cause big results in your supply chain.

01 Data Visibility

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What If Your Tracking Data Worked Smarter?

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See The Unseen

How awareness of the hidden issues can revolutionize your supply chain

With Vision Comes Power

How leading companies are gaining greater control of their supply chains

Imagine a world where the invisible elements of your supply chain are clear and tangible. A world where not only can each step of the journey be seen, but influenced. 

Sigfox has created an efficient solution to gain end-to-end visibility of the supply chain journey. Our focus on using returnable industrial packaging is generating significant real-world savings fast on behalf of our clients.

Revolutionize your supply chain today.

7 Steps To Full Visibility

Discover how with 7 small steps, you can achieve big results through cost saving in your supply chain:

Packaging is the common denominator along your entire supply chain. If they could talk, what would they say?  

A good IoT device is one that can be forgotten. Our sensor-based solutions do not compromise your factory's automation.

02 Automation

03 Collaboration

Built on Supply Chain 4.0, our new digital solutions give you visibility beyond the boundaries of your organization.

How much are you spending to ensure the availability of packaging is never compromised? Full traceability means unrivalled cost control. 

04 Traceability

Gather data to learn from the past. Monitor your supply chain to react on time. Predict the future with consistent data and AI.

06 Learn, Monitor, Anticipate

The cost of handling a container is 9x the cost of the container itself. Improve day-to-day handling through real-time, trustworthy data.

05 Tackle Hidden Costs

How to launch a new digital solution within an existing, challenging environment? Use our lightweight, Plug&Play solution.

Revolutionize Your Supply Chain Today 

Achieve Full Visibility of Returnable Assets 

07 Easy Implementation

What If You Could Return Your Industrial Packaging?

Attack That Sneaky Hidden Cost In Your Supply Chain

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Reduction in OPEX

 Increase in Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) accuracy

Reduction in CAPEX

Small Data, Big Results

Global businesses are revolutionizing their supply chains and achieving amazing results with a solution that's up and running in weeks, not years

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How a Leading Postal Services Company is Digitizing Operations 

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