How a Leading Postal Services Company is Digitizing Operations To Tackle Millions of Packages Every Day.

See the unseen with our 0G network. 

Late deliveries across global postal systems are no rare occurrence. Between 2017 and 2018, the UK’s Royal Mail received 257,366 complaints relating to lost letters and parcels, ultimately paying out £4 million in compensation. 

Those delays can be attributed to reduced working hours and ever-growing parcel volumes but a crucial factor behind delays is difficulties with tracking packages as they move between and throughout holding facilities. For years, late and lost parcels have been viewed as a necessary evil of the posting system. So, how can IoT bring value to reducing risks and delays while optimizing visibility and security?  Put in context, imagine handling close to 5 million packages nationwide each day!

Reduce delays, risks, and optimize customer experience. 

To successfully manage such a large volume of packages – and to ensure timely delivery –it requires quality insights into the whereabouts of all its packages.

A leading postal logistics company integrated hundreds of thousands roll containers – large, wheeled containers used to move packages throughout holding facilities – with intelligent trackers that monitor their precise location and movement in real-time. Today, this enhances the customer experience across the board by greatly improving delivery rates.

Upgraded with a cutting-edge tracking technology, these roll containers allow the postal company to: 

01 Efficiently manage operational costs for trolleys (lost, overstocked assets.) 

02 Measure supply chain and logistics solutions performance by allowing the quantification of availability, flexibility, efficiency. 

03 Optimize transportation costs by selecting facility locations with full visibility.
04 Tackle environmental concerns such as Co2 emissions from road transportation.
05 Track packages in the warehouses of major customers. 
06 Improve service quality and enable proactive discussions with customers and partners

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Power industry transformation with IoT

Following in the footsteps of the work with Michelin, Total or PSA Group, the partnership with the leading postal services marks a new level of what can be connected in the battle of end to end visibility for industries. Running efficient supply chain operations are only that successful as their reliable levels of communications globally and energy usage for devices. The need for extremely long battery life at an affordable cost is required to succeed at scale.

Connectivity for all and exceptional IoT services to fuel the ongoing digital transformations are critical element in the processes of some of the world’s biggest supply chain businesses. How are you powering your industry transformation today? 

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